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Sitting Pretty Canine Services: A Winnipeg Family Business

Sitting Pretty Canine Services started when our family, which at the time consisted of David and Camilla De Meyer, and our son Oliver moved from Winnipeg to the countryside near Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba. Camilla had owned and operated a successful grooming shop in Winnipeg, and was quick to start building up clientele in our new neighbourhood.

She began grooming out of a facility located on our residential property. We eventually started boarding some of our grooming clients' dogs as they travelled, and this continued in the same building. Camilla soon realized it would be better to groom in a separate space so the grooming shop was relocated to a rented space in the Plaza Mall in downtown Winnipeg Beach at 60 Main Street. We still groom from this location today! We currently continue to board in the facility located on our property on Highway 229 between Highway 7 and Highway 8.

Over the years, our family grew to include twin boys, Owen and Noah. Various dogs and cats have been part of our lives together; they currently include Dryden (German shepherd), Molly (Shih Tzu cross), Minou and Luna (cats) and two turtles.

Our future plans for Sitting Pretty Canine Services include renovating and expanding our boarding facility to make room for more friends.

Contact us to get directions to our boarding facility or our grooming centre—both in Winnipeg Beach!

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